Mat Michnak

Why am I starting this blog?

I used to write a lot - you can find it here.

I love writing because of the feeling of flow and it forces me to think things through and argue clearly.

So why did I stop? I could list many reasons like a lack of time, change of interests, and other excuses, but the main one was resistance.

I’m uncomfortable with sharing my work online.

I’m like oh no, I can’t share this online. It will be out there forever so I only want to share the timeless, finished pieces. But since this is my first blog here you are reading, you can guess how I am able to finish the timeless pieces.

It’s probably due to my nature trying to get as close to objective truth as possible - this means understanding little nuances and it also means shifting your opinions a lot.

And well, the Internet doesn’t function like that. Most of time, there’s no place for nuance and polite discussion.

However, a friend of mine Ondrej introduced me to the idea of having your work as an open garage. Thank you!

So I want this blog to be that - an open garage of my evolving journey as a human being.

Never perfect, but trying to get better.

Overcoming the comfort of not sharing.

And mainly having fun it while doing it.